Elena Vesnina was born on August 1, 1986 in Lviv (Ukraine). When Lena was 6 years old, mother Irina brought the daughter into Yury Yudkin’s group on park courts Riviera to Sochi. Upon termination of school Lena already managed to win some children’s tournaments in age groups till 14, 16, 18 years. After that on a family council it was decided that Lena can try to connect life with tennis and to continue career of the professional tennis-player. The first tournament in which Lena Vesnina participated, took place in Adler, and left in soul the beginner of the tennis-player the most light memoirs. For that time while Lena is engaged in tennis, at it never arose desires to throw sports, it since the childhood was bewitched by this unusual game from which she received a huge charge of energy. Tennis for it — not work, and pleasure. The way of the professional tennis player is difficult, and at the initial stage of very few people believed that Lena can play. And if not parents who always were near, probably the world wouldn’t recognize Elena Vesnina. The question of financing of trips on tournaments was hard solved, but the Sochi tennis school, grandmothers and grandfathers, and everything who could helped, rendered the feasible help that the talented girl could find the place in the tennis world. Even now at Lena not everything is smooth. Sochi though is considered the tennis capital of Russia, but problems with halls still aren’t solved, and there are no good players sparrings.

About a family: mother Irina Vesnina was born in Sochi, was engaged in track and field athletics, but in connection with a trauma she had to leave sports and to go to Dnepropetrovsk, to enter the institute. There she also got acquainted with Lena’s father — Sergey Vesnin (was born in Lviv) who was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. Brother Dmitry (the 1988th year of birth) works as the tennis trainer, trains small children in Sochi, it has the group. For Lena the family is very important, it something very personal, the corner: «… these are those people who will always divide with you both pleasure and a grief which believe in you, create the atmosphere, help to achieve with the future good results and to open itself».
About the childhood: Lena and to animals isn’t indifferent. In the childhood, together with the brother, all of them brought time to the apartment of homeless animals. Parents practically didn’t abuse Lena, brought up in love and care, it is possible, therefore she and grew such good-nature, open and sociable girl. Lena was very cheerful child, all the time in something was engaged, drew, sang. Most of all Vesnina was fond of dances and tennis but when time on something one came to stop, Lena without reflecting chose courts.


WTA Rankings / Race as 11/06/2018

Singles: 52 / 82


Doubles: 1 / 2


Previous tournament

 rolandgarros 2018 20180529 1254087651

Roland Garros

Tier: Grand Slam
Place: Paris, France
Date: May, 27th - June, 10th
Prize money: $20,298,331
Draws: 128M/64D/96Q
Surface: red clay (outdoors)
Points: 2000, 1300, 780, 430, 240, 130, 70, 10
Time difference: Moscow = Paris + 1
Winner-2017: E. Ostapenko (LAT)
1st round E. Vesnina - B. Pera (USA) - 3-6 2-6
1st round E. Vesnina-E. Ostapenko (LAT) [10]  - S. Cirstea-S. Sorribes Tormo (ROM-ESP)



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